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Assignment I Am Most Proud Of

Most Proud Of
All through Photo 1 this year, I always found myself intrigued by each assignment. Some had me more focused than others, but I still learned more aspects to photography that will aid me in my future photographs. Although, there is one photograph assignment that I find myself always looking back at. Shooting portraits was my favorite unit. I personally adore portraiture, but being my age, I can always learn more - even if I do the action over and over again. In this assignment, I have to say that my favorite subject was the young man above. This is my favored photograph that I took of him. While taking this photograph, I learned to be very careful about how I showed his personality. I didn't want to make it very apparent, but more subtle. I personally know the model; he is a kind and humble. I focused on having this photograph reveal those two characteristics of him. By my own choice, I believe kindness to be warm and opening. So I decided to make his skin warm and li…

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